At Merrylands Primary School we are using 'Big Write' to develop writing skills across the school.

The programme is delivered through two key areas:

  • The Big Talk
  • The Big Write
  • The Big Talk - "If a child can't say it a child can't write it."

    In the clip above Ros Wilson (the founder of the Big Write) gives an explanation of what 'Big Talk' is and the power of conversation. We are "talkers, listeners and readers" who value "constant discussion." If a child is unable to speak Standard English they will not be able to write Standard English. The key to developing writing skills is to promote talking opportunities which allows children to extend their vocabulary and use this appropriately.

    As adults we need to model appropriate use of language for children. The Big Talk gives children the opportunity to develop and enhance their language skills before they start writing. As a consequence we have introduced 'The Big Talk' across the school. On a weekly basis a new 'Big Talk' question will be introduced during assembly on a Monday. The children are encouraged to talk about this question throughout the week with friends, parents and staff before the final discussion about the subject on a Friday.

    The links on the side include information to parent/carer about 'The Big Talk' and the the current half term list of Big Talk questions.