Contact Information

The School Office is open between 8.30am to 4.00pm and our contact details are.

Tel: 01268 417893 | Fax: 01268 491664

Email is

Who do I contact if I have a general concern?

Please ring or email

Who do I contact if I have a concern about my child?

Here at Merrylands we want all our parents and carers to feel able to approach our staff and to ask those questions or voice those concerns. Therefore, we actively encourage you to contact the school, as often, the situation or problem can be easily resolved and can prevent unnecessary worry.

In the first instance, talk to the class teacher who is the member of staff that really knows your child and their friendship groups etc. You can make an appointment or arrange a phonecall via the admin email.

There are also support staff who you can also make an appointment with to discuss more specific issues relating to health, resources available to the local community and SEND.  Of course, if you feel that the situation has not been resolved then there is the leadership team that you can contact. Please see the table below to know who these members of staff are.

Member of staff


Mrs Robinson

Headteacher and Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Pryer

Deputy Head and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Miss Shepherd

Assistant Head and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Tildesley

Assistant Head and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Miss Collier

Office Manager and Parent Liaison

Mrs Major

Nursery Enquires

Mrs Wiggins


Mrs Walters

ASC Lead

Mrs Anthony

Early Years Lead


The school office will need to be contacted to arrange an appointment with all staff. However, if it is a matter of urgency then a member of the leadership team will meet with you or as soon as they are available.

The School Day

The School Day

Following the reopening of the school in March 2021 and to enable social distancing to be adhered to, the school is running staggered drop off and collection times.

Start of the day
8.30am: Nursery / Year 6
8.40am: Reception / Year 5
8.50am: Year 1 / Year 4
9.00am: Year 2 / Year 3

11.45am-12.45pm: EYFS/KS1
12.50pm-1.50pm: KS2

End of the day
2.50pm: Reception
3.00pm: Year 5
3.05pm: Year 1 / Year 4
3.10pm: Year 2 / Year 3
3.15pm: Year 6
3.30pm: Nursery

Contact Names:-

Miss Collier, Office Manager