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How does the ASC work? ​​​​​​​

There are 8 pupils in the ASC who are required to be academically and cognitively able to attend mainstream school with appropriate support from the ASC to overcome their barriers to learning.  The pupils and staff do not work on a 1:1 ratio and pupils are expected not to require constant adult support during their time here.

Any child attending the ASC is also a pupil of a mainstream class at Merrylands Primary School.  Children that gain a place at the ASC will be expected to increase the time spent accessing the classroom and engaging with their peers in social situations, whilst accessing the enhanced provision to support their sensory and emotional needs.

If your child is part of the ASC and making good progress, there may come a time when their place in the enhanced provision is no longer required.  If/when this is the case, this will be communicated by the team to the family and will be discussed further in an Annual Review Meeting.