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SATs Information

SATs are the Standardised Assessment Tests that are given to children at the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6).  The SATs take place over four days, starting on Monday 13th May 2024 and ending on Thursday 16th May 2024.  Please see the timetable below:

Monday 13th May 2024

Grammar, punctuation and spelling paper 1 (GPS)

Grammar, punctuation and spelling paper 2 (Spelling)

Tuesday 14th May 2024

English reading

Wednesday 15th May 2024

Mathematics paper 1 (Arithmetic)

Mathematics paper 2 (Reasoning)

Thursday 16th May 2024

Mathematics paper 3 (Reasoning)

Key Stage 2 Reading test

The reading test is a single paper with questions based on three passages of text.  Your child will have one hour, including reading time, to complete the test.

There will be a selection of question types, including:

  • ordering, e.g. ‘Number the events below to show the order in which they happen.’
  • labelling, e.g. ‘Label the diagram using information from the text’
  • find and copy, e.g. ‘Find and copy three words that describe the food’
  • short constructed response, e.g. ‘Where did the dragon live?’
  • open-ended response, e.g. ‘Look at the sentence that begins ‘Once upon a time’. How does the writer increase the tension throughout this paragraph? Explain fully, referring to the text in your answer.’

Key Stage 2 Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling test

The grammar, punctuation and spelling test consists of two parts: a grammar and punctuation paper requiring short answers, lasting 45 minutes, and a spelling test of 20 words, lasting around 15 minutes.

The grammar and punctuation test will include two subtypes of questions:

  • selected response, e.g. ‘Identify the adjectives in the sentence below’
  • constructed response, e.g. ‘Correct the sentence below’ or ‘The sentence below has an apostrophe missing.  Explain why it needs an apostrophe.’

Key Stage 2 Mathematics test

Children sit three papers in Maths:

Paper 1: Arithmetic - 30 minutes

Paper 2: Reasoning - 40 minutes

Paper 3: Reasoning - 40 minutes

Paper 1 will consist of fixed response questions, where children have to give the correct answer to calculations, including long multiplication and division.

Papers 2 and 3 will involve a number of question types, including:

  • multiple choice
  • true or false
  • constrained questions, e.g. giving the answer to a calculation, drawing a shape or completing a table or chart
  • less constrained questions, where children will have to explain their approach to solving a problem

            Assessment and Reporting

Towards the end of the academic year, you will be given your child's raw score (the actual number of marks they achieved), alongside their scaled score and whether they have reached the expected standard.

The table below explains the range of scaled scores available for each KS2 test:

Standardised Score


80 - 99

Working below the national Expected Standard

100 - 110

Working at the Expected Standard

111 - 120

Exceeded the Expected Standard

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the KS2 SATs, please do not hesitate to speak to your child’s class teacher.

Department for Education School Performance Table